Get your streamlined support with Hind IT Solution in automated voice SMS and IVR services. These days, voice SMS is a powerful marketing tool that draws in more potential customers. Our voice SMS and IVR services are designed specifically to personalise and effectively facilitate communication. We ensure the best services so you can rely on us for the growth of your business.

We carefully select everything based on your company's needs and never leave a mistake. With the help of our IVR and voice SMS service, you can have top-level control over your business and Lead Management proficiency.


Voice Broadcast (OBD)

Our voice broadcasting service solution links you immediately to clients who do not have internet connection. Voice broadcasting enables you to communicate with your clients in a variety of languages, leaving a lasting impression. With our service, you may make test calls, schedule calls quickly, and send out large numbers of voice messages. Voice broadcast will help you create a strong customer base and we are always there to hold you back for better support. Hind IT solution makes it easy for sales, marketing and support in sending out personalised and interactive voice broadcasts.

Voice with DTMF

Voice with DTMF or Dual Tone Multi-Frequency refers to a signal to the phone company which is generated when you press normal telephone keys. DTMF services help to ascertain the needs of the customer and make them available with the best assistance. To improve customer service and build a solid and long-lasting customer base for your brand and company, we offer you our voice with DTMF services. Hind IT Solution offers a range of products and services that makes the customer experience worthwhile. All of this ultimately increases your consumer base and helps you establish a solid brand reputation, both of which are crucial for business expansion.

Text to Voice

Your message will be delivered more effectively if you convert your text to speech with Hind IT Solutions. With the help of our 'text to voice' services, we create a text message and let the 'text to speech' feature do its work. To redefine your customer experience and enhance your business outcomes, get help from our 'text-to-voice services. With the help of our services, every message is a chance to expand your clientele while also enhancing security and privacy. 'Text to voice' services ensure that you always have a connection with your customers.

IVR Services

In general, IVR services are automated telephone systems that interact with customers and gather information. Our IVR system receives voice telephone input together with touch-tone keypad selection and answers in turn. Our interactive voice response services bestow you with various advantages that suggest better customer service, unlimited customer access, building a better company image, growth of your business and increased revenue of your brand. This will guarantee a prompt reaction from your potential clients and support the expansion of your firm.